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The Italian company Pessotto Reti, manufacturer of technological wooden slatted bed bases, meets all the needs of the industrial market for their multiple functions.

Here is the news:

Among the wall-bed systems there is Aladino: developed for daily use, its solidity is due to significant tube sections, which prevent the doors from bending, thus guaranteeing a long-lasting durability over the years. For wardrobes with light doors.

Pratìk: storage bed with the only patented system, allowing the horizontal lift-up of the bedspring in one single step. Pratìk allows to make the bed every day in a comfortable way and to get easily access to the container which becomes a comfortable storage unit. Made of 40×30 mm steel for maximum structural strength.

And finally, Silvy: hide-away self-supporting bunk bed with manual pull-down, for cabinets with door closing inside the cabinet’s body, projecting no floor support and independent pull-down of both beds made of steel 60×30 mm.